Saturday, October 13, 2012

Life Update

I've recently had some emotional ups and downs with some unknown health stuff.... and Praise the Lord it has turned out okay for now!

On Friday, September 28th, I went in to see my doctor because some "weird stuff" was going on. I had only recently told Brad about it, so I was SUPER nervous to tell my doctor about it. PLUS, he is a new doctor to me because my previous doctor was just forced to retire due to some health this was our first time meeting.  YIKES

The WHOLE reason I went in in the first place is because I saw an episode of Dr. Oz (pretty lame right?). This stuff had been going on for a while and I just thought it was just a thing I was going to have to deal with.... but when I saw this episode of Dr. Oz they were addressing the EXACT thing I was dealing with and as it turns out, it could be a sign of infertility. I will be turning 30 on November 8th, and Brad and I have been married 2 years now, so starting a family is a HUGE desire of ours right now, so infertility would be a BIG blow to that plan.

Anyway, I told the doctor about what was going on and he told me he wanted me to head down to the lab and get some blood work done. They wanted to check for diabetes, any possible thyroid issues, my hormone levels, etc.  I am normally a big wimp when it comes to needles, but I put on my big girl panties and did it. I deal with stressful stuff by cracking jokes, so I am sure the lab lady thought I was delirious.

Almost a week later, I hadn't heard anything back, so I called the doctor. The nurse called me on Friday, October 5th and told me that the test results were incomplete (meaning they were still waiting for part of the results) but what she did know was the my Sex Binding Hormone Globulin (SBHG) was high. The doctor wasn't in to explain this to me.... so I wrote it down and headed on over to Google.

I found out that SBHG can be increased due to either birth control (which I am on) or hyperthyroidism. I was okay with these results. I could deal with this.... that was an easy fix in my mind. I spent the rest of the weekend not concerned at all and feeling at peace about it.

Tuesday, October 9th..... my doctor's nurse called me to tell me the rest of my blood results were in. My Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and my Luteinizing Hormone (LH) were VERY low....not just low, but VERY low. The doctor wasn't sure why exactly and he wanted me to go as soon as possible, get some more blood drawn and schedule a pelvic ultrasound...

I went immediately across the hall (luckily I work across the hall from my gyno) and had the blood drawn and scheduled the ultrasound for later that morning. Let me tell you, that ultrasound was NOT what I was expecting...AT ALL...   They could of at least taken me to dinner or for a glass of wine before that (see, joking when I am stressed)....

The reason for the ultrasound was because the doctor thought I might have ovarian cysts.... YIKES!! I haven't had any pain, or any other symptoms other than the VERY low hormone levels....but the thought is still scary. Thankfully, the ultrasound was normal and everything is fine (Praise the Lord again).

The extra blood tests was where it got really scary for me. He was testing my Peroxin and Estradiol levels. If the Peroxin levels came back high, it could possibly mean I had a mass or tumor in the Pituitary part of my brain.

TUMOR. It took me a little bit to swallow that information while reading information online, but when I said it out loud to my mom, I burst into tears. I honestly didnt FEEL like that was what was the matter with me, I haven't had any of those symptoms either.... but I told myself that IF it was indeed a tumor, maybe we caught it early enough that I hadn't started showing those symptoms.

PRAISE THE LORD those levels were normal. No Pituitary mass or tumor. God is so good!

My Estradiol levels, however, are low. In the post-menopausal range. Like I said earlier, I am almost 30, not exactly post-menopausal. Or menopausal for that matter.

Our plan of action for right now is to take me off birth control and reconvene in a month. I am supposed to go back in for more blood tests in a month and we will recheck all my levels without the possibility of birth control suppressing them or elevating them.

I know this is all in God's hands. I know He has an ultimate and perfect plan for Brad and I and our future children. I know He has placed it on my heart to be a mommy and to raise children for a reason. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who has held my hand through all of this, never faltering and never EVER making me feel bad for the possibility something may be wrong.  I can not wait to see how all of this unfolds. Brad will be an amazing father! Whether it is a child created by us, or by a child in need of a home and becomes ours through adoption. That is one reason I wanted to start blogging again and chronicle this journey from the beginning.

I actually have an amazing peace right now about all of this.

Brad and I have some fun stuff planned for the next month anyway, and before I know it, it will be next month and time for me to go back in for more blood tests.

One of my best friends from high school is getting married in New Orleans and I am blessed to be in her wedding!! Brad has never been to New Orleans so we are headed down there a few days early to get the full experience and to celebrate Ashley and Jeremy's marriage.

Then a few weeks later, Brad and I are headed to the Virgin Islands on a cruise to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary and my 30th birthday!!