Thursday, October 22, 2015

I am StitchFixing and LOVING IT!!

I want to share my Fixes with the world!

I have received 3 Fixes  so far and I am waiting on my fourth to arrive on October 28th! This will be the one I consider my "Birthday Fix"!!

One of my favorite parts is the texting amongst friends to share our newest Fixes and discuss what to keep and what not to keep!

I will continue to post on Facebook and here and share the Stitch Fix Love!!  Until then...

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Friday, February 1, 2013


I'm BACK!! But only briefly!! And for a VERY important reason....Kelly's Korner is doing another round of SHOW US YOUR SINGLES....and so I intend to do so!

Meet one of my very best friends LAUREN HARDY! She is single and SUCH a catch! We first met at Ouachita Baptist University (OBU) in 2004 when Lauren pledged Tri Chi as a Freshmen and I was a Junior. I tossed her in the back of my car on bid day, and the rest has been history!

She has a kind and gentle spirit, she is beautiful and fun loving, intelligent, has a great sense of humor but most of all, she loves the LORD. 

Lauren is a loyal friend and always up for a good time or great adventure. We joke around and say she is one of my "Sister Wives" because my husband loves her so much and loves being around her (in a completely platonic way).
                                          (Lauren with my husband and I on our wedding day)

Lauren is a lover of sports. Some of her favorite teams are the Texas Rangers and the Arkansas Razorbacks, but she loves just to kick back, hang out with friends and enjoy a game (and some grilled meats). Besides, if those aren't "your teams" a little rivalry never hurt could make the relationship stronger!!

Lauren LOVES to travel and try new things. She is also a lover a sushi (but won't force you to eat it if you aren't). She is very thoughtful and always willing to help. Whether its a tedious task like moving, or running over to my house to help me clean last minute and set up for a party I am hosting....Lauren is always there for me and all of her friends. She NEVER forgets a birthday and cherishes life moments with her friends like no one else I have known. She loves life and loves to enjoy it with those that she loves...never taking away from other's in their precious life moments!

Lauren studied law at Mississippi College of Law in Jackson, Mississippi and after graduating (in 2.5 years, not the 3 it takes most people) she moved back to Little Rock/Maumelle Arkansas. She is currently working for OBU (the college I mentioned previously) as a Development Officer.
                                                   (Smart and Fun!!!)

                                                             (Law School Graduate!)
I don't want to give too much information away, because what are you two going to talk about on your first date (and second and third, etc...)?

Comment on this blog, and lets see where it goes!!!

Here are a few more pictures of my beautiful friend Lauren!

                                             She can have fun and laugh with you and at herself!!

                                                                   Lauren in green!
                                   I love her so much, she was in my wedding party!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Life Update

I've recently had some emotional ups and downs with some unknown health stuff.... and Praise the Lord it has turned out okay for now!

On Friday, September 28th, I went in to see my doctor because some "weird stuff" was going on. I had only recently told Brad about it, so I was SUPER nervous to tell my doctor about it. PLUS, he is a new doctor to me because my previous doctor was just forced to retire due to some health this was our first time meeting.  YIKES

The WHOLE reason I went in in the first place is because I saw an episode of Dr. Oz (pretty lame right?). This stuff had been going on for a while and I just thought it was just a thing I was going to have to deal with.... but when I saw this episode of Dr. Oz they were addressing the EXACT thing I was dealing with and as it turns out, it could be a sign of infertility. I will be turning 30 on November 8th, and Brad and I have been married 2 years now, so starting a family is a HUGE desire of ours right now, so infertility would be a BIG blow to that plan.

Anyway, I told the doctor about what was going on and he told me he wanted me to head down to the lab and get some blood work done. They wanted to check for diabetes, any possible thyroid issues, my hormone levels, etc.  I am normally a big wimp when it comes to needles, but I put on my big girl panties and did it. I deal with stressful stuff by cracking jokes, so I am sure the lab lady thought I was delirious.

Almost a week later, I hadn't heard anything back, so I called the doctor. The nurse called me on Friday, October 5th and told me that the test results were incomplete (meaning they were still waiting for part of the results) but what she did know was the my Sex Binding Hormone Globulin (SBHG) was high. The doctor wasn't in to explain this to me.... so I wrote it down and headed on over to Google.

I found out that SBHG can be increased due to either birth control (which I am on) or hyperthyroidism. I was okay with these results. I could deal with this.... that was an easy fix in my mind. I spent the rest of the weekend not concerned at all and feeling at peace about it.

Tuesday, October 9th..... my doctor's nurse called me to tell me the rest of my blood results were in. My Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and my Luteinizing Hormone (LH) were VERY low....not just low, but VERY low. The doctor wasn't sure why exactly and he wanted me to go as soon as possible, get some more blood drawn and schedule a pelvic ultrasound...

I went immediately across the hall (luckily I work across the hall from my gyno) and had the blood drawn and scheduled the ultrasound for later that morning. Let me tell you, that ultrasound was NOT what I was expecting...AT ALL...   They could of at least taken me to dinner or for a glass of wine before that (see, joking when I am stressed)....

The reason for the ultrasound was because the doctor thought I might have ovarian cysts.... YIKES!! I haven't had any pain, or any other symptoms other than the VERY low hormone levels....but the thought is still scary. Thankfully, the ultrasound was normal and everything is fine (Praise the Lord again).

The extra blood tests was where it got really scary for me. He was testing my Peroxin and Estradiol levels. If the Peroxin levels came back high, it could possibly mean I had a mass or tumor in the Pituitary part of my brain.

TUMOR. It took me a little bit to swallow that information while reading information online, but when I said it out loud to my mom, I burst into tears. I honestly didnt FEEL like that was what was the matter with me, I haven't had any of those symptoms either.... but I told myself that IF it was indeed a tumor, maybe we caught it early enough that I hadn't started showing those symptoms.

PRAISE THE LORD those levels were normal. No Pituitary mass or tumor. God is so good!

My Estradiol levels, however, are low. In the post-menopausal range. Like I said earlier, I am almost 30, not exactly post-menopausal. Or menopausal for that matter.

Our plan of action for right now is to take me off birth control and reconvene in a month. I am supposed to go back in for more blood tests in a month and we will recheck all my levels without the possibility of birth control suppressing them or elevating them.

I know this is all in God's hands. I know He has an ultimate and perfect plan for Brad and I and our future children. I know He has placed it on my heart to be a mommy and to raise children for a reason. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who has held my hand through all of this, never faltering and never EVER making me feel bad for the possibility something may be wrong.  I can not wait to see how all of this unfolds. Brad will be an amazing father! Whether it is a child created by us, or by a child in need of a home and becomes ours through adoption. That is one reason I wanted to start blogging again and chronicle this journey from the beginning.

I actually have an amazing peace right now about all of this.

Brad and I have some fun stuff planned for the next month anyway, and before I know it, it will be next month and time for me to go back in for more blood tests.

One of my best friends from high school is getting married in New Orleans and I am blessed to be in her wedding!! Brad has never been to New Orleans so we are headed down there a few days early to get the full experience and to celebrate Ashley and Jeremy's marriage.

Then a few weeks later, Brad and I are headed to the Virgin Islands on a cruise to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary and my 30th birthday!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Married 8 months recap

OH MY GOODNESS....It's been a ridiculous amount of time since I have blogged and I can't believe I NEVER wrote the rest of my honeymoon blog! I am a blogging failure. This post is LONG and it is more for my memories than anything!!

So much has been going on...let me see if I can remember

November- Brad and I celebrated our first married Thanksgiving! Let the married weight gaining begin!

December- First married was so wonderful! I got a Kindle and Brad got a Razorback golf bag....we got other things, but those were our bigs gifts to one another!  We drove around so much and ate very little that we were STARVING by the time dinner rolled around that we ended up eating at a Chinese buffet in Maumelle just the two of us on Christmas night. We are pretty sure it will be a tradition if we can help it!  The day after Christmas Day, I flew to Virginia to see my cousins, Aunt, Uncle, and Grandmother. We threw a surprise party for my Grammy and her 80th birthday! She was so surprised and my mom did an AMAZING job putting it all together and contacting all of her friends to schedule it, and then she had to reschedule it due to a snow storm that hit the day I flew in!

January- New Years! We went out to Conway to celebrate with our best friends Chris and Kirby! We ate, drank and played games on the Wii! Im now a big fan of Mario Kart!  We also bought and closed on our first house at the end of January. We bought my dad's house!

February- We  celebrated our first married Valentine's Day and moved into our first house! We owned it for about a month before my dad's house was ready and he could move out. The lull allowed for us to gradually pack up our apartment and slowly move things over instead of having to do it all in one day. That worked out nicely because I left for Vegas on February 17th and Brad moved all of our big stuff into the house on the 18th. Chuck Hawley helped him load the moving truck on Friday night and Chris Johnson helped him unload on Saturday. We still owe them BIG TIME!

While I was in Vegas, I got a text message saying that the water had been shut off by my dad. Brad called the water company about it and they told him it had never been shut off, just turned off and he had to turn it back on. He and Chris and my dad tried and tried but did not succeed. Brad had to go the rest of the weekend with no water to shower with, drink OR flush the toilet with...luckily we still had the apartment so we could go over there and shower.

I flew back in on Monday and we STILL had no water....OR gas....which meant that we had no heat either. It was toward the end of February...and we were FREEZING!! We wore lots of clothes around the house and used my heated mattress  pad at night! At night, I would take some water from one of the jugs he bought, put it in a bowl, heat it up in the microwave and wash my face with that because it was so cold!!

Every morning, I had to get up extra early, go back to the apartment in Maumelle and shower and then leave from there to go to work in Conway. It wasnt ideal, but we didnt let it bother was funny that it was happening that way and we just laughed about it! We made memories for sure! On that Tuesday, Brad had to work, but we were promised that we would have water that day! I came home, all excited...turned on the faucet and NOTHING! I was NOT a happy camper. I ended up calling the emergency line at the water company and the lady had to talk me through how to turn our water on!  I went outside with a wrench and a flashlight and dug through the dirt to find the meter and turn it on correctly! I am super woman!!!  We finally had water!!!  The gas was turned back on the upcoming Friday!  Our house (well, utilities) were finally complete!

March- Brad and my Dad's birthdays....not to mention Kirby and Chris's wedding weekend at the end of the month! We started to really unpack our house and discuss when we were going to have our house warming party. We had SO much to do in the house in terms of unpacking, painting and updating some well as get the backyard cleaned up and the pool opened! We worked really hard for a few weeks and then hit a wall and took a several week break from the unpacking and updating! We did paint our went from a dark forest green to a light blue with a teal accent wall.

At the end of March....Brad and I boarded Patton and Reagan and took off for Hot Springs...the location of Chris and Kirby's wedding! They got married in the chapel at Garvin Gardens and the reception was at the Country Club of Hot Springs! Everything was beautiful and perfect and we could not have been more excited for our best friends to FINALLY be married! The day of the wedding, Brad got up super early and went and played golf with Chris and the guys. It was FREEZING! I tried to sleep in, but couldnt....I knew there was lots to be done! I met Kirby and her mom and brother up at the Country Club to help decorate. They had most of it done before I got there....but I am so glad I could at least go and help and offer to run any errands they needed.  The weekend was fabulous and so much fun!

April- On Monday, March 28th, I was at work and Kellee (a girl I worked with) said she saw a dog in the parking lot. If you dont already know, I LOVE dogs and would save them all if I could. I ran outside and called the dog to me. She didnt have a collar on and she looked VERY skinny. I called Brad and said "A dog found me in my parking lot and now it is standing in my office". He asked me what I was doing with it and I replied that I was bringing her home. My friend Lauren came over that night for wine and pizza and she was helping me think of places I could take this sweet girl so she could be off the streets and find a new home. I kept her outside, away from the other two dogs I have. We found out that she was fully trained to sit, stay, lay, shake....WOW!

When Brad got home from night shift, he stood at the back door and looked outside at her, informed me I needed to find her a home, and walked away. Next thing I knew, he was back at the door looking at her and then would walk away. At some point he did go out and meet her. About an hour and a half later he was standing at that door again, he turned to me and said "If we can get her spayed, YOU can keep her!" LOL...i didnt even ask to keep her. He fell in love with her and she became a part of our family that night! I know that happened in March, but her life in our family began in April, so it counts as April!!

Now we have three dogs! Our Maltese Reagan, Our Lab-ish mix Patton and our Pit Bull-Lab Mix SCOTCH!!!

Mid April, a friend of mine informed me that he was leaving his current job at Arkansas Otolaryngology Center in Little Rock to open a practice in Cabot, closer to home! I asked him about the opening he was leaving and if they had posted the job...he told his ENT's about me and they said they wanted to meet me! I interviewed at noon on a Tuesday and by 1:15 they called to offer me the job! I talked it over with Brad and then I accepted!! It was truly an answer to prayer!!!

I loved my job in Conway and I loved who I worked with and who I worked for....but the drive was really starting to take a toll on me...and not getting home until 5:45 when I got off at 5 was hard not to mention I was filling up my gas tank twice a week. Since I have started my new job in Little Rock.... I get home within 10 minutes of getting off work and I fill up my gas tank ONCE every TWO weeks!!! Such an answer to prayer!! The night before my interview, I was nervous and had an uneasy feeling about it. I realized it was because I had not asked God if that was His plan for I prayed and asked him to give me a peace about the interview if it was something He wanted for me and an immediate calm washed over me. I gave it up to Him and told him that if it was His will, I know I would get the job and if it wasnt, then there was something else out there for me. It was such a neat feeling.

We also opened our pool in April and started to clean up the backyard. We added sand to a portion of the patio to make it feel beachy and it has a fire pit and adirondack chairs! Brad completely ripped up all of the flower  beds and re-did them with a pretty red mulch and planted flowers! We got a new patio table and chairs, put together our grill, added some outdoor lights and tiki torches and our patio was a step closer to being Party-ready!  I also scrubbed our whole patio with dawn soap and a bristle brush on my hand and knees to get any imbedded dirt up. I will post pictures of our changes one day (probably in another 6 months). HA! 

May- We had our mother's and Brad's dad over for Mother's Day for lunch and it was the first time any of them had seen the house! They were super excited for us and so supportive! The following weekend (on the 14th) was our housewarming party! We had an absolute blast! We ordered 40 pounds of crawfish and also had hot dogs just in case crawfish wasnt an option for someone. We must have had 20 to 30 people at the housewarming and it was so nice to be around our wonderful friends!! We had so much crawfish left over  though that we probably threw half of it away the next day! That party for us was the official kick off of entertaining and having friends over for dinners, swimming and hanging out!

June- We celebrated Father's Day with our father's, Brad's mom and one of dad's friends and their daughter. We made ka-bobs (chicken and steak) with baked beans, corn on the cob and baked potatos. It was a FEAST and Brad did an AMAZING job on all of it.

Brad and I are really loving our pool too! On Saturday mornings, we wake up, grab something out of our deep freeze for lunch (usually hot dogs), throw it on the grill, put on our swimsuits and swim and relax all day! It really is so nice to not have to worry about going somewhere, run an errand or HAVE to be doing something! We have had a few friends over for swimming or dinners and we cant wait to do more of that in the near future!

I have really learned in the recent past just how blessed Brad and I are and how things happen for a reason. I have gotten to know some of the most AMAZING girls through Brad and his friends and they have become good friends of mine, as well as invest in my friendships of many years!

Near Future- This coming weekend is 4th of July and I can not wait to decorate our backyard with red, white and blue and celebrate our freedom! Friday (the 1st) one of my best friends from high school, Trisha, and her husband are pulling into town with their moving truck and they will start unloading their belongings into a house they rented in Little Rock. It has been 10 years since Trisha has lived in Little Rock and I am so excited she is going to be back!
Sunday we are having a few friends over to swim and grill out and just be together! I love entertaining and I always feel so refreshed and joyful when I get to be around our friends!! Good food off the grill is a plus as well!!

Well, I feel like I have recapped all my brain can handle. I didnt proof read before I published it, so if it has run on sentences, incomplete thoughts or doesnt make sorry. This is not a grammar blog! I doubt anyone even made it to this point anyway!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

69 years ago today....

"I was there" was a previous post that I made almost a year ago when I was still working in Memphis at the VA. I think about this man often. I wanted to copy it over here because it is appropriate for this date.

Today, I am working in Conway at Better Hearing Care and my first patient was a Veteran. He told me that 69 years ago today he was in Hawaii stationed at Pearl Harbor. I can not imagine the fear that was running through his mind and through the minds of everyone there. 

Today should be remembered forever.


"I was there"

I am in the middle of work, and probably should not be blogging, but i just sat and talked with a piece of history and while it is still fresh on my mind...i wanted to share.

Working at the VA is a great experience for have your good and your bad days...and your good and your bad patients...but there are days like today that you hope you never forget.

I brought back my 1 oclock patient, took him into the earwash room to take a peek in his ears and ask him a few questions about his noise exposure, ear problems, hearing issues, etc....

When I asked him what branch of the military he was in, he proudly replied "Navy"

When I asked him about his history of noise exposure, he replied "I was there, Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941...i was there"

My heart skipped a beat. I already get a warm feeling serving those who have served us. I have spoken with WWII vets who were shot in the face, fought face to face with Germans, rode tanks into Germany, etc...I come from a line of Navy Vets, Air Force Vets, a Marine Vet who was there for the raising of the flag at Iwo Jema...but I have never gotten to sit and talk with them when they were available to talk...and being here at work, i have little to no time to hear about history....and even if I did, I am not sure any of these guys would be willing to share. Some of them still have a hard time thinking about what they saw.

Today, I was selfish, and I took my time to hear him talk. It was after the hearing test and I was making impressions of his ears for hearing aids....I asked him to tell me about it. And he did.

He joined the Navy December 16th, 1940. Arrived in Hawaii in March 1941 and was on the U.S.S. Nevada on December 7th 1941. For those of you who are not familiar (which was me and I had to google it)...this is what wikipedia says about the U.S.S. Nevada.

"In World War II, she was one of the battleships trapped when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. She was the only battleship to get underway during the attack, making the ship "the only bright spot in an otherwise dismal and depressing morning".[12] Still, she was hit by one torpedo and at least six bombs while steaming away from Battleship Row, forcing her to be beached. "

He spent 6 years in the Navy until he got an honorable discharge. He and his brother both were there, and they both survived.

After the appointment, he took me out to the lobby where his daughter was sitting. He showed me his official discharge papers from the Navy and his application for a medal for fighting in Pearl Harbor. His daughter told me that he didnt start talking about his experiences until about 10 years ago. Can you imagine bottling that up for 50 years?

I need to get back to work, so I will have to cut this short...but I was so blown away and humbled by the moment I got to spend with a piece of history...i wanted to share. It isnt every day like this that I am reminded just how much people have sacrificed for our safety and freedom...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Learning to Share

Well, tomorrow will mark one month of wedded bliss for Brad and I...and it has been very near to perfect. We are loving married life (why shouldn't we after a month?) and we are learning to live with one another and deal with Brad's changing schedule (sometimes really early mornings and sometimes he has night shift...that is the life of military)...and we are also learning to share! HA!

We are leaving balancing our checkbook and figuring out our budget until our second month of marriage.

We got our first lesson in sharing too much this weekend. Thursday night, Brad made a joke about calling in sick the next morning because I was teasing him about having to get up so much earlier than me....well, about 3 am his joke became his reality when he woke up with the stomach flu.

Except, we didnt know it was the stomach flu at that point. We just thought it was food poisoning from something he had eaten the night before. I got up, got ready for work, and ran to Wal-mart to get him some pedialyte, saltine crackers, and other comfort food (zebra cakes and nutty bars sounded good at the time, now I know they arent the best stomach flu comfort food).  He was sick all day Friday. Poor thing. By Friday night, he said he was starting to feel a little bit better, but no where near normal.

I loaded him up in the car and made him help me load all of our wedding vases and candles into my car so I could help decorate for a wedding this past weekend (had I known it was the stomach flu, I wouldnt have made him work....and yes, i know i am the worst wife ever.)

He was such a trooper after we got everything unloaded. We headed back to the apartment to get in our jammies and lay around watching tv (Brad slept). This was our first night to do this in MONTHS...we had been so busy with wedding stuff, the wedding, honeymoon, my birthday, that we have not had a free night of nothingness in MONTHS...and it felt great to lounge around.

He slept on the couch all night (until we went to bed) and then slept through the night too. Saturday morning he was feeling much better. He woke up, made us breakfast, and we headed out to do a little shopping before our plans with Chris and Kirby that night. We met them at the bowling alley and bowled until a little after 10.

Brad and I headed home and headed to bed because we were tired. At 3 am Sunday morning, I got woken up to Brad's food poisoning...AKA STOMACH FLU. That is how we figured out he had the stomach got passed to me. I didn't sleep the rest of the night! It was miserable. I ended up just moving to the couch so I wouldn't keep waking him up the rest of the morning. I slept on the couch the whole day. I had the WORST stomach cramps and a fever of 102. My typical body temperate is 96.2 (not the normal 98.6) so that is a bad temperature for me to have!

At one point I posted to my facebook that the stomach flu had taken over our house. First Brad and then now me....and his dad commented that he was sorry I was sick but he was glad to hear that we were learning how to share! LOL...that is where I got the inspiration for the title of this post! He is such a great and funny man!!

My amazing husband gave me Saltines, and Animal Crackers and he even went to the store to get me Pedialyte and Gatorade and Chicken Noodle Soup. He took better care of me than I did of him...which I feel super guilty about....and I fell even more in love with him than I already was. Too bad he sat on the other side of the room from me because he didn't want to recatch what I had been given. (I don't blame him). month in to marriage and we have survived decorated for Christmas two months early and survived the stomach flu. Pretty good if you ask me!

Can't wait to see what we get into next!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthmonth off to a great start!!!

More Honeymoon updates soon...but I have to update on our life!

My birthday is today! I am 28! A lot has changed in my life in a year! I went from working part time at the VA in Memphis, finally getting a full time job in Conway, Arkansas. I had been waiting and praying for a job in Arkansas to open up, and NOTHING was budging. I was afraid that I would get married and be a part time wife living the week in Memphis and weekends in Arkansas.

Our prayers were answered and  I am in Arkansas all the time now!!

In the past year I have lived in Memphis, Beebe (on the weekends), Little Rock, and Maumelle! A lot of moving and I am not sure where half of my clothes and things are...but I am so blessed. It will all find me again one day!

I am also 28 now! I dont feel much different, except this year I am happy and content. Last year, when I turned 27...i looked at my life and panicked. I had gone to school for 4 extra years to earn my doctorate but was only working part time, I was away from my famiily and friends and I was unmarried....I had an emotional breakdown.

This year....I am a year older and wiser. I have a full time job now, I am comfortable in my life in Arkansas and I have the most amazing husband ever!!! I have learned a lot about relationships over the past year...and even though they were hard lessons to learn, I grew as a person and became a better friend!

This past weekend I officially kicked off my birthmonth celebration.

Friday night I went to dinner at Bosco's with a big group of friends. I love love love Bosco's....i love the Palermo pizza and I love that my favorite wine (Pinot Grigio) is one of the House Wines there....VERY rare to me!!!

We got there around 6:30 pm....and then were informed that they were closing the restaurant at 8 for a cast party for Wicked....and that last call was around 7:30.  Brad was annoyed because they didnt tell us that on the phone! Oh well. It all worked out!!

So many great friends came to my birthday dinner...and some brought their precious babies who I adore!!! Dinner was fun! I got to finally be with friends, enjoy our time together and relax b/c I didnt have to worry about making bouquets, ordering flowers, addressing envelopes...etc etc.

After dinner...Brad and I, Alicia and Brian and Jessie all went to By The Glass for one more glass of wine. It was fun to just sit there, laugh, chat, crack jokes and drink wine. RELAXATION!!

Then I got to go home and put on my jammies and go to bed!!

Brad had drill this past I was glad to have plan on Saturday!!  The plan was to meet SaraJane and her mom for lunch at Larry's Pizza and then go down to Holiday House for some fun shopping!

That isnt quite how the plan ended up. Around 11 I got a call from my friend Stephanie. Her husband was supposed to be bringing their son, Landen, down to Holiday House so she could feed him (He is only 5 months old).  The problem was that Rachel (Steph's cake partner) had parked her car right behind Jordan's truck and had ridden with Steph to Holiday House and had taken her keys. Jordan had no way to get out!

I was the only solution! I was going to need to pick Jordan up, take him downtown to HH and then go to lunch with SJ and her mom.  I swung by, got SJ and her mom and headed to Jordan's to get he and Landen. They got Landen loaded in the car and realized the garage door was still open. I offered to close it. I had to push the button from the back of the garage, run toward the closing door, and hurdle across the sensor that is in place to keep the door from closing on something and someone. It was interesting!

We were off. We were only a few minutes down the road when Jordan realized he had left the stroller in his truck. We turned around, retrieved the stroller and then we were really on our way!!  Conversation in the car was GREAT! Jordan is so wonderful with new people, and we all just chatted away about having siblings (well, I listened, i dont have much to say on this) and how mean they all were to their siblings when they were young!

I dropped Jordan off and then we were headed  back to West Little Rock to eat at Larry's Pizza. SO FABULOUS! If you havent eaten there, I encourage you to do so! It is a huge buffet of pizza and they have almost every kind you can think of. My favorite is the Loaded Baked Potato and the Grandma's Bannana Pudding!!! Not together...those are two different kinds!

After lunch, we headed back downtown to do some shopping at Holiday House. It took us FOREVER to find a spot because not only was it Holiday House...Wicked was showing that afternoon too!!! It was crazy busy! We walked in to Holiday House and the shopping began.

I got some good gifts for Brad's mom, grandma and sister! Our Christmas shopping is almost complete and I have already wrapped 7 or 8 presents and have them under our tree!!! I also bought some of that netting stuff to decorate with. I have never used it before, so I decided to try my hand at it. I think I did a pretty good job!
I used the netting around our mirror. Sorry the picture is dark!

Holiday house was an exhausting it always is!!! Larry's and Holiday House is how SaraJane and I celebrated  our birthmonth last year, so it only made sense to do it this year...and we will continue to do it! I love tradition....

That night the Hogs were playing (that is why I did birthday dinner on Friday and not Saturday). We went to our friend's Chuck and Sherri's house to watch the game and I got to snuggle their newest princess, Olivia Grace. She is so sweet and adorable and such a good baby!!!

The Hogs won...PTL!!! So all in all it was a GREAT day!!!!

Sunday I got up, lounged around the house...finished the mirror and rearranged our storage unit so the christmas storage boxes could fit and they wouldnt be in the middle of our living room floor! I wrapped some more presents and then went over to SaraJane's sister's apartment to do some wine glass painting! I have a new love for painting! I am not good enough to make any money from it...but I love doing it!

I also did some laundry, watched some Real Housewives of Atlanta and ate Pringles....rough life!!

Brad got home from drill and it was time to meet my daddy for my birthday dinner!! He stopped by the apartment so he could see it all decorated for Christmas and to give me my birthday present!!

We headed to Senor Tequilas (my favorite mexican place) for a yummy dinner of Chicken Fajitas (my dad and I split...its tradition) and just to spend time together!!! We had told the waiter it was my birthday! I knew they were going to sing to me and probably bring me a big bowl of ice cream like they did for my mom the previous Monday when we took her there for her birthday!

Here they came..."Happy Birthday to you...woo woo woo" and they put a MEXICAN FLAG SHOT in front of me. This particular shot is a red, white and green layered shot that they give me a straw for and they light the top on fire!!! HILARIOUS!!! I had to chug down this shot (with the straw) in front of my dad and all of the singing waiters staring at me! PRESSURE!!!  The shot was pretty good. Burned at first but ended up tasting like cherry cough syrup. I would like to know what was in that!!!

I may take SaraJane there for her birthday on the 12th and get her a shot like that!!! LOL

All in all, my birthday month is off to a GREAT start!!! I am so blessed with an amazing husband, family and friends!!!!

Thank you Jesus!!!