Friday, February 1, 2013


I'm BACK!! But only briefly!! And for a VERY important reason....Kelly's Korner is doing another round of SHOW US YOUR SINGLES....and so I intend to do so!

Meet one of my very best friends LAUREN HARDY! She is single and SUCH a catch! We first met at Ouachita Baptist University (OBU) in 2004 when Lauren pledged Tri Chi as a Freshmen and I was a Junior. I tossed her in the back of my car on bid day, and the rest has been history!

She has a kind and gentle spirit, she is beautiful and fun loving, intelligent, has a great sense of humor but most of all, she loves the LORD. 

Lauren is a loyal friend and always up for a good time or great adventure. We joke around and say she is one of my "Sister Wives" because my husband loves her so much and loves being around her (in a completely platonic way).
                                          (Lauren with my husband and I on our wedding day)

Lauren is a lover of sports. Some of her favorite teams are the Texas Rangers and the Arkansas Razorbacks, but she loves just to kick back, hang out with friends and enjoy a game (and some grilled meats). Besides, if those aren't "your teams" a little rivalry never hurt could make the relationship stronger!!

Lauren LOVES to travel and try new things. She is also a lover a sushi (but won't force you to eat it if you aren't). She is very thoughtful and always willing to help. Whether its a tedious task like moving, or running over to my house to help me clean last minute and set up for a party I am hosting....Lauren is always there for me and all of her friends. She NEVER forgets a birthday and cherishes life moments with her friends like no one else I have known. She loves life and loves to enjoy it with those that she loves...never taking away from other's in their precious life moments!

Lauren studied law at Mississippi College of Law in Jackson, Mississippi and after graduating (in 2.5 years, not the 3 it takes most people) she moved back to Little Rock/Maumelle Arkansas. She is currently working for OBU (the college I mentioned previously) as a Development Officer.
                                                   (Smart and Fun!!!)

                                                             (Law School Graduate!)
I don't want to give too much information away, because what are you two going to talk about on your first date (and second and third, etc...)?

Comment on this blog, and lets see where it goes!!!

Here are a few more pictures of my beautiful friend Lauren!

                                             She can have fun and laugh with you and at herself!!

                                                                   Lauren in green!
                                   I love her so much, she was in my wedding party!