Monday, November 15, 2010

Learning to Share

Well, tomorrow will mark one month of wedded bliss for Brad and I...and it has been very near to perfect. We are loving married life (why shouldn't we after a month?) and we are learning to live with one another and deal with Brad's changing schedule (sometimes really early mornings and sometimes he has night shift...that is the life of military)...and we are also learning to share! HA!

We are leaving balancing our checkbook and figuring out our budget until our second month of marriage.

We got our first lesson in sharing too much this weekend. Thursday night, Brad made a joke about calling in sick the next morning because I was teasing him about having to get up so much earlier than me....well, about 3 am his joke became his reality when he woke up with the stomach flu.

Except, we didnt know it was the stomach flu at that point. We just thought it was food poisoning from something he had eaten the night before. I got up, got ready for work, and ran to Wal-mart to get him some pedialyte, saltine crackers, and other comfort food (zebra cakes and nutty bars sounded good at the time, now I know they arent the best stomach flu comfort food).  He was sick all day Friday. Poor thing. By Friday night, he said he was starting to feel a little bit better, but no where near normal.

I loaded him up in the car and made him help me load all of our wedding vases and candles into my car so I could help decorate for a wedding this past weekend (had I known it was the stomach flu, I wouldnt have made him work....and yes, i know i am the worst wife ever.)

He was such a trooper after we got everything unloaded. We headed back to the apartment to get in our jammies and lay around watching tv (Brad slept). This was our first night to do this in MONTHS...we had been so busy with wedding stuff, the wedding, honeymoon, my birthday, that we have not had a free night of nothingness in MONTHS...and it felt great to lounge around.

He slept on the couch all night (until we went to bed) and then slept through the night too. Saturday morning he was feeling much better. He woke up, made us breakfast, and we headed out to do a little shopping before our plans with Chris and Kirby that night. We met them at the bowling alley and bowled until a little after 10.

Brad and I headed home and headed to bed because we were tired. At 3 am Sunday morning, I got woken up to Brad's food poisoning...AKA STOMACH FLU. That is how we figured out he had the stomach got passed to me. I didn't sleep the rest of the night! It was miserable. I ended up just moving to the couch so I wouldn't keep waking him up the rest of the morning. I slept on the couch the whole day. I had the WORST stomach cramps and a fever of 102. My typical body temperate is 96.2 (not the normal 98.6) so that is a bad temperature for me to have!

At one point I posted to my facebook that the stomach flu had taken over our house. First Brad and then now me....and his dad commented that he was sorry I was sick but he was glad to hear that we were learning how to share! LOL...that is where I got the inspiration for the title of this post! He is such a great and funny man!!

My amazing husband gave me Saltines, and Animal Crackers and he even went to the store to get me Pedialyte and Gatorade and Chicken Noodle Soup. He took better care of me than I did of him...which I feel super guilty about....and I fell even more in love with him than I already was. Too bad he sat on the other side of the room from me because he didn't want to recatch what I had been given. (I don't blame him). month in to marriage and we have survived decorated for Christmas two months early and survived the stomach flu. Pretty good if you ask me!

Can't wait to see what we get into next!!!

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